Rear View & Incident Recording Cameras

Blackvue Incident Recording Camera

Blackvue Incident Cameras

Choose Blackvue - Ride Safe

Using continuous recording, combined with GPS, 1080p HD recording, sharp high-sensitivity Sony digital sensors and a wide 139° lens, the Blackvue incident recording dash cam helps protect you from highway scammers.

Insurance companies increasingly demand clear evidence in claims, and Blackvue gives you that proof.

High frame rate of 60fps provides a clearer video image with less movement blur.

Download a PDF with information about Blackvue's DR750S-1CH

Have a look at the Blackvue YouTube channel for some great videos of Blackvue in action.

Brigade Backeye Video System

Brigade Reversing Systems

We are in the business of saving lives

Brigade's founder, Chris Hanson-Abbott said this of his company and it's range of superbly engineered safety products.

Brigade's range of products include Backeye®360 system which provides a full 360° view round the vehicle.

Designed for very large vehicles, this system works by stitching video images, in real time, from several cameras mounted at the top, front and rear of the vehicle.

This system effectively prevents vision blackspots, making the road safer for cyclists and other at-risk groups.

See the Backeye360 system in operation on Brigade's YouTube channel

Brigade Ultrasonic Proximity Detection

Brigade Obstacle Detection

Designed for the toughest environments

Using ultrasonic proximity detection gives the driver a warning when objects or people are in the vicinity of the vehicle. An external alarm can be added to warn pedestrians to move to a safe distance.

Video of the sensors in operation can be found at Brigade's YouTube channel.

Brigade Radar Proximity Detection

For the toughest poor visibility environments such as building sites and quarries, Brigade provide Backsense® Radar, designed to work effectively in these harsh conditions.