Stereo, Navigation & Passenger Entertainment

Pioneer 2 DIN D.A.B Navigation Receiver


Hannahs bring you Pioneer's wide range of in-car entertainment systems from low-cost stereos like the basic, but capable MVH190UI to the top-range DEHX8700DAB

Pioneer's range includes 2DIN navigation receivers like the AVICF980DAB, with Apple CarPlay, DAB radio and Bluetooth handsfree.
We can also supply Pioneer direct replacement models for certain Volkswagen models.

Pioneer supply dedicated motorhome navigation systems, which take into account your vehicle's dimensions.

Pioneer Single DIN Stereo

Pioneer also carry a great range of amplifiers, speakers and subs, including the compact GMD1004 4x100W amp, installable when space is at a premium.

Pioneer Amp And Speakers
Kenwood 2 DIN Navigation Receiver


Kenwood offer the largest range of receivers with 24 models available and prices to suit every pocket.

Kenwood's background in marine electronics means they can provide waterproof models like the KMR-M308BTE with Bluetooth and iPod control. Kenwood also supplies matching seaworthy speakers.

Kenwood Single DIN Radio

All our Alpine, Pioneer and Kenwood naviceivers support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Get full Apple and Android integration now.

Alpine 2 DIN Navigation Receiver


For many drivers, Alpine offers the peak level of performance. They offer a good range of car audio and navigation systems at not unreasonable prices.

Navigation receivers like the INE-W710D have TomTom mapping, Bluetooth, DAB+ and support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Skoda Replacement Navigation Receiver

Alpine also do a range of handsome direct replacement naviceivers. And how about those amps?

Skoda Replacement Navigation Receiver

Mono Power Density Digital Amplifier X-A90M. That's 900W RMS into 2Ω.

Roof Monitor

Single Monitor Systems

Hannahs can fit a single foldable roof monitor for everyone in the back seats, when they want to share that cinematic experience.

Drive it from a PS4, media player, or your dash-mounted infotainment centre.

Sound can be routed through the vehicle's speakers, or through wireless headphones.

Headrest Monitor

Headrest Monitor Systems

For more personalised viewing, headrest screens are the way to go.

Sound is provided by individual wireless headphones, although for maximum flexibility, a separate video source would be needed for each headrest.

These units are direct replacements for your existing headrests, which means the car can be returned to its original condition.