About our company

And how we treat your information when you view the site, contact or book a job with us


We no longer use Google analytics (or any other tracking cookies) on this site.

We put our Facebook feed on this site, and although Facebook itself does a lot of tracking on their own site, they don't seem to do anything here. If you're concerned about internet privacy try using the Ghostery extension for Firefox or Chrome.

Our site generates one cookie when you visit our contact page. It doesn't send information anywhere, and is responsible for giving you an 'email sent' message when you email us. The cookie is deleted after 10 minutes.

We can't control cookies and privacy for other companies that we offer links to, but they should have privacy statements on their sites.

When you contact Hannahs, either by a direct email link or by the form on our contact page, the information you send is stored locally on our office computers.

We don't have a mailing list, and we don't pass your email address onto any third parties, so you won't get unrequested mails dropping into your inbox.

Booking A Job

When you book a job with Hannahs, your details are entered into a computer database. This database has no internet access and can only be used by either of our password-protected front office computers.

Your job information is then printed out for our engineers, providing contact and address details. This jobsheet is either left with the customer or returned to our office.

Financial Transactions

If you pay for a job by phone, your payment information is entered into our card terminal: one receipt is given to you along with your invoice, while the other is passsed to our office.

Our new premises in Tradeston can accommodate larger vehicles.

Our new premises

Hannahs have been selling and installing high quality audio and security systems for more than 30 years, and have seen a lot of changes in the mobile entertainment business. We take pride in our workmanship and commitment to quality at good prices, and hope to deliver on these for another 30 years.
All our engineers are fully mobile and available for callout work, and you can trust that we will always provide the highest quality service.